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Since the start of helicopter flight activities in 1972, there was a need to have a maintenance service on site for their helicopters, then guaranteed by the manufacturers AGUSTA and HUGES.

Thus, parallel to the flight activities, the aeronautical maintenance service was born, which in a short time obtained from the Italian Aeronautical Register (now ENAC) the Certificate of Technical Suitability for the maintenance necessary for our fleet. We are a certified service center for major manufacturers and Certified Service Center for EASA with Part-145 authorization (# IT-145-0235).

Through numerous courses carried out at the manufacturers (Agusta, Eurocopter, Robinson, Turbomeca, Bell Helicopter, etc.), the company has always had as one of its main objectives the constant training and retraining of its staff, according to the quality and higher security.

The conversion of its National Certificate of Technical Suitability RAI dates back to 1994 and the obtaining of the Certificate of Approval as an Aeronautical Maintenance Organization according to the European regulation JAR 145.


In the year 2000, Gian Paolo Giana saw the need to make the in-house maintenance service more versatile and make his experience and professionalism available to third parties in the sector of technical fleet management and aircraft maintenance.


Thus was born ROTOR, an aircraft and parts maintenance and repair company, including the general overhaul of helicopters, maintenance and repair of dynamic components and much more, necessary to keep the helicopter fleet at maximum efficiency and always operational.


More recently, SIMPLON AIR obtained the FOCA approval also for the Airworthiness Management Organization according to EU1321/2014 Part-CAMO, resulting among the first Swiss organizations to obtain the new Part CAMO certification (No. CH.CAMO.3051), which replaced the previous Part-M airworthiness management certification.

Investing in quality, both from a technical and service point of view, and in the selection of our staff, has proven to be the most successful strategic move. Competence, teamwork and the passion for this work are fundamental and essential values ​​for us, vouching for an impeccable and extremely fast way of operating, for the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Within the Maintenance Station established on Masera private heliport, we have a large WORKSHOP that allows us to carry out deep maintenance interventions for our entire fleet and also for third-party helicopters. We also have Secondary Line Maintenance Bases on the Swiss territory to support the flight operations of our fleet and third-party customers.


Thanks to the certifications required by the EASA European standard, with our highly specialized Technical Staff coordinated by an efficient Technical Office and Quality Service, we are able to perform all maintenance, including general overhaul of helicopters, maintenance and repair of dynamic components. and much more, necessary to keep our fleet at maximum efficiency and always operational.


The certified aeronautical warehouse, always supplied with spare parts, guarantees the immediate availability of the components and allows us to avoid machine downtime with consequent greater uptime and guarantee of the service.


ROTOR also carries out maintenance of helicopters, engines and components on behalf of third parties and is EASA certified Maintenance Repair Organization (MRO) with approval No. IT.145.0235 for Bell Helicopter Textron, Airbus Helicopters, Robinson Helicopters, as well as for Rolls-Royce, SAFRAN, Lycoming engines, for Commercial Air Transport and Air Work operators.

Within our organization we can offer the following specialized maintenance and repair operations:


  • Line and Base Maintenance, including Overhaul of AIRBUS Helicopters Type SA315B Lama, SA316B-C, SA319B

  • Line and Base Maintenance, including 1200, 2500 hours and Structural Repair, BELL Helicopter Textron Model 407

  • Interim Inspection 60 Months BELL Helicopter Textron Model 407

  • ROBINSON Helicopters R22 and R44 maintenance up to and including 12 year inspection;

  • Maintenance interventions on rotors;

  • Special inspections (following hard landing, rotor impact, lighting strike, etc.)

  • Maintenance interventions on components of the structure and dynamic groups

  • Unscheduled maintenance interventions and defect rectification

  • Aircraft weighing

  • Aircraft and Parts Painting

  • Ramp-Test and Adjustments of Electro-avionics COM, NAV, XPDR, TCAS

  • Ramp-Test and Adjustments of On-board Implants and Statics and Dynamics Instruments

  • Troubleshooting electrical / electronic systems and wiring repairs

  • Disembarkation, embarkation, control and maintenance of on-board equipment

  • Compass-Swing

  • Boroscopic Inspections and Aircraft Penetrant Liquid Inspections

  • Maintenance and Demodulation of Rolls-Royce 250 Series engines

  • Engine maintenance SAFRAN-TURBOMECA Artouste III B-B1

  • Cargo-Sling Onboard Systems Maintenance and Overhaul

  • Emergency Floating Kit Maintenance

  • Modifications for Kit-STC installation

  • Installation and Maintenance Kit Passengers-Sliding-Doors and Pilot-Bubble-Doors

  • Maintenance and Reconditioning of Aircraft Batteries, including General Overhaul (C5)

  • Maintenance and repair of Helicopter Transmissions, Bell Helicopter Textron and Airbus Helicopters (C11)

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