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SIMPLON AIR GmbH together with Giana Helicopter has the necessary certifications required by European aeronautical legislation, for the performance of Air Work and Training with Helicopters activities, as well as for the Aeronautical Maintenance activities of helicopters, engines and parts, and Technical Management and Continuous Airworthiness of helicopters, including Airworthiness Review Capability of aircraft.

All business sectors are supported by an Integrated Quality Management System (Part-145 Quality System) and by a Safety and Compliance Monitoring Management System of Flight Operations and airworthiness management (EU 965/2012 AIR OPS and EU1321/2014 Airworthiness):

  • EASA Part-145 Certification of Aeronautical Maintenance Organization for Helicopters Employed in Commercial Air Transport Operations # IT.145.0235

  • EASA Part-CAMO Certification of Continuous Airworthiness Management Organization Aircraft Fleet used in Commercial Air Transport Operations # CH.CAMO.3051

  • EASA SPOHR (High Risk Specialized Operations) certification EU965/2012 # CH.SPOHR.3051

  • EASA SPO (Specialized Operations) Declaration EU 965/2012 # CH.SPO.3051

  • EASA A.T.O. certification (Approved Training Organization) # IT.ATO.0077

  • EASA Declaration D.T.O. (Declared Training Organization) # CH.DTO.0304