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We can offer at any time the best service you could wish for, relying on helicopters aimed at performing every type of service in the best possible way.

with over 50 years of uninterrupted activity, it is currently one of the longest-running organizations on the market, and thanks to the experience gained also at an international level, the professionalism of the pilots, the reliability of technical operators, assistants and the equipment used, we are in able to carry out any type of aerial work, with maximum precision and safety.

The company philosophy is not to carry out a pure and simple transport of material, but to offer a tailor-made transport service for each customer. The difference is substantial: The customer represents for us the most important asset and the realization of a transport service expresses the particular care that all our staff devote to satisfying the specific needs of their customers.

We have obtained the SOP authorization for aerial work activities including those at high risk such as material transport, line control and many others.


In this, as in any type of aerial work, it is not possible to improvise, the whole crew must be perfectly coordinated; just as pilots require surgical precision, operators need a great deal of experience in load management.

Construction and maintenance of hydroelectric plants


The assembly/positioning work requires good preventive planning and a lot of precision, essential elements for an excellent result. We have all the experience necessary to perform the tasks assigned to us with the utmost professionalism and safety.

We perform any type of assembly or positioning, making use of experienced pilots in precision work and trained to operate both with the "vertical reference" method and with the use of mirrors.

Antennas - fireplaces - balconies and wall shelves - swimming pools - prefabricated structures - avalanche elements - rockfall nets - roofs - bridges - cable stringing - ski lifts - pylons - and much more.

Civil and industrial assembly


In certain situations where the lack of road connections does not allow to reach isolated places, the helicopter remains the only possible means of being able to meet needs that could not be solved in any other way.

SIMPLON AIR performs supply and support flights to mountain shelters and pastures for the supply of food, wood, gas, waste, fodder.

Refueling to shelters


Cableways, cable cars, chairlifts, ski-lifts, power line pylons and poles of all kinds are examples of what SIMPLON AIR is able to transport, assemble and assemble.

Construction of works in places inaccessible by normal means


Thanks to the experience and skill of our pilots, we are able to accurately position beams, ridges and all the material needed to build roofs.

Warping of roofs


SIMPLON AIR boasts five decades of experience in the sector, serving for the most important companies operating in the electricity sector.

Stringing of cables for power lines


  • fertilization and remediation of slopes, ski slopes and landslides;

  • fish sowing with automated heliport distribution system.

The automated robot for fish sowing consists of 14 stainless steel tanks with single opening via a push-button panel placed on board the helicopter. Each tank is equipped with an oxygenation system through a cylinder.

At each opening, oxygen is cut off to avoid unnecessary waste. The air from the cylinder is used to open and close the individual tanks. The cylinder has a range of 1 hour of flight.

Hydro-seeding with helicopter


Periodic phytosanitary and anti-larval treatment services are carried out with full awareness of the environmental value represented by the ecosystem in which one operates and the importance of protecting the fauna housed within it.

In order to intervene effectively, the SIMPLON AIR in collaboration with the Client Bodies especially values ​​three aspects:

  • targeted interventions in the most effective places;

  • choice of optimal intervention moments;

  • identification of the best products and formulations, in relation to the environmental conditions in which one is going to operate.

The helicopter is the most widely used means of spreading substances, thanks to its flexibility and the ability to carry out treatments on even very large surfaces, several hundred hectares per day, as well as state-of-the-art systems. Specialized operators, in synergy with the SIMPLON AIR staff, prepare the flight charts, with precise graphics that allow the pilot to better identify the terrain to be treated, to the advantage of the quality of the result.

Phytosanitary and antilarval treatments


The primary livestock sector is still highly developed in the Alpine area. Particularly in the summer period, when the herds are brought to the pastures at high altitude, the possibility that the cattle incur accidents, or simply move to inaccessible places, is very high.

Given the difficult operation with ground vehicles, the helicopter is the most widely used solution. The recovery of animals and/or carcasses requires synergy and collaboration between SIMPLON AIR staff, veterinary staff and breeders.

Animal Recovery


SIMPLON AIR offers film-level shooting services thanks to the use of gyro-stabilized tele / camcorders and the use of cameramen and specialized technicians.

The activities are carried out with the aid of special equipment fixed to the helicopter fuselage, such as Wescam, GYRON, Cineflex and other systems.

Film and advertising services


Taking aerial photos on board the helicopter allows you to obtain truly stunning results.

Companies use this service with the aim of obtaining video and photographic documentation for the realization of advertising campaigns (web, paper, television, etc.).

The versatility of our helicopters, the pluriannual experience of our pilots and the support to them of operators specialized in this kind of activity, creates the perfect team for great results.

Photographs and aerial shots


To facilitate and support a precise and professional inspection service, SIMPLON AIR always has the most advanced equipment and technologies in the field.

SIMPLON AIR provides inspection, patrol and maintenance services by helicopter for:

  •  HV transmission and MV distribution power lines

  •  Substations

  •  Oil and gas pipelines

  •  Railway lines

  •  Landslide control

  •  River control (pollution)

  •  Dam control (leaks)

Inspection work


SIMPLON AIR offers various inspection services on HV / MV power lines through the use of particular equipment:

  •  Helicopter inspections

  •  Inspections with Thermovision system (infrared)

  •  Inspections with Corona system

HV transmission power lines and MV distribution


It consists of a visual inspection, carried out by filming the HV / MV power line using a gyro-stabilized camera; the video support shows the GPS coordinates and the main data of the line.

The inspection results are then analyzed and processed on the ground and allow to obtain the following results:

  • line structure such as the type of insulators, poles, armament, ground, overvoltage protection devices, conditions of pole transformers, external conditions of the substations, etc.

  • survey of geo-referenced anomalies (broken insulators, strefolature, broken or disheveled poles, presence of plants near the line), for a more rapid identification and repair of the anomaly.

Helicopter inspection


The inspection consists in filming the HV / MV line with an infrared camera mounted on a gyro-stabilized system.

The inspection is used to identify the presence of any hot spots on particular points of the line, such as the contacts of the disconnectors, the electrical terminal blocks in the connection points between the overhead line and those in the cable, etc.

Each hot body emits, depending on the temperature it has, electromagnetic waves in the infrared field: radiation (not visible to the human eye).

The infrared cameras are equipped with a system sensitive to these electromagnetic waves and are therefore able to detect the temperatures of the bodies / environments examined by measuring the intensity of its infrared radiation.

These cameras produce high resolution images, which allow to have clear thermographic images of objects (detectable temperature differences 0.2 ° C).

The system allows you to identify anomalies along the power lines, or any leaks in surface pipes in the event of inspections of methane or oil pipelines.

The system consists of two different cameras, both mounted on the same bulb. In addition to the Broadcast (3CCD - wide range version) and normal (single CCD - lower resolution) camera systems there is also a FLIR (Advanced Infrared) system, which facilitates the detection of anomalies with infrared.

The recording can be made in dual "split mode" (both visible systems divided on a single screen) or in "switch" mode (which allows the passage from images in daylight mode to those in infrared mode).

In addition to a wide-angle shot and the possibility of making detailed zooms with the camera, in certain areas it is possible to insert specific data on the image at the customer's discretion, such as the GPS position, the height above sea level, the date and shooting time and other information that may be helpful.

The film can be recorded in analog or digital format and the final product is delivered to the customer in the following most popular digital formats.

Inspection with Thermovision system (infrared)


The inspection consists in filming the HV / MV line with a Corona camera mounted on a gyro-stabilized system.

The inspection is based on the corona effect and partial discharges, the thickening of which in particular points indicates the possible presence of an anomaly.

This inspection is carried out on the live parts of the line such as conductors, arresters, insulators, connections. This system allows you to detect anomalies on electrical lines (20 kV - 750 kV) such as: span scuffing, loose clamps, broken spacers, broken or dirty insulators, damaged material.

Inspection with Corona system


SIMPLON AIR is equipped with a 3D laser scanner for helicopters.

Georeferenced laser scans with very high resolution digital images are useful for three-dimensional 3D surveys in applications such as geology, architecture, topography, environmental monitoring and archeology.

LiDAR-Cartography with 3D Laser Scanning


The georeferenced service makes it possible to create digital maps of the inspected power lines, methane and oil pipelines, as well as routes for the purposes of mapping specific areas of interest.

Depending on the customer's needs and the availability of digital data, it can be enriched with the topography of the individual regions flown.

The service is carried out using a Differential GPS system (where the signal is available), which records the flight itinerary and the GPS coordinates of all the required points (eg poles and branches of the line).

This data is then exported to our customized programs, which enable the production of digital maps.

The maps produced in this way can be synchronized with videos, through the deticati software (geoview). Thanks to this final product, the customer can click on the map and see the related video in a separate screen, or vice versa.



ALMA G2 is the solution for an effective and economical inspection of the natural gas distribution and storage network, which guarantees adequate monitoring.

ALMA G2, using a laser for the detection of natural gas leaks, allows you to quickly and effectively inspect sections of pipeline of considerable length, flying with a helicopter.

Control of gas pipelines


SIMPLON AIR provides surveillance and support services in various areas:

  •  Police (air support)

  •  Border patrol

  •  Fire control for the purpose of prevention and extinction

  •  Security services

  •  Emergency operations.

Races and Sporting Events Assistance

Surveillance work


The research and detection activities, which allow the identification of possible presence of hydrocarbons in the subsoil, are carried out with the help of the helicopter to reduce the travel times of specialized personnel as well as to offer support for the transport of specific instrumentation.


The helicopter is the most suitable means of assisting this activity both on-shore and off-shore: it is a multifaceted vehicle capable of transporting the drilling towers to the places deemed suitable, carrying out movements of specialized personnel assigned to control the withdrawal, bring minor materials and equipment to the extraction sites, relocating them throughout the territory.

SIMPLON AIR, thanks to the use of equipment dedicated to the Oil, Gas & Mining Exploration sector, such as "Automatic Bag Runner", and Kodiak BagTracker, is able to accurately displace, identify and recover material and instrumentation on the territory, without the help from ground operators.

SIMPLON AIR, thanks to its experience in the Oil & Gas sector and the professionalism that distinguishes it, meets the OGP Quality and Safety standards, qualifying itself in the Vendors List of the main world oil companies.



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