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Corporate rental,
tailored to your needs


Rental for corporate purposes, increasingly requested by business customers, differs from public transport for passengers and goods, as it does not consist in the mere supply of a helicopter taxi service, but in the rental of the aircraft, with crew, for non-commercial purposes of the client and for a period of time not limited to the flight from point A to point B only.


Corporate rental is expressly aimed at the client who, for business needs, such as meetings, visits to peripheral offices, participation in events, wants to be able to use the aircraft for the whole day (or more consecutive days), without worrying about booking the flight. return, or several segments of your trip.


Corporate rental is structured on a daily and / or partial basis, rather than in flight hours, and consists of a fixed predetermined fee that includes not only the flight activity, but also the periods of downtime, or waiting between the outbound and return flight, or between several legs of the journey.

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